Healthy Communities


“The first wealth is health.”

     - Ralph Waldo Emerson


Individual Health

Cunningham Engineering recognizes that there is no wealth without health, and that maintaining individual health doesn't just start and end at the doctor's office.  The environments we live, work and play in can have a large influence in determining how healthy we are.  That's why Cunningham Engineering promotes the creation of environments that allow for outdoor recreation, walking, bicycling, and just enjoying the natural environment around us.  Whether we are working on a walkable mixed-use project in the urban core, or a nature education center surrounded by open space, our projects help provide built environments that are conducive to physical activity and experiencing the beneficial effects of nature.


Community Health

Along with promoting the health of individuals, Cunningham Engineering recognizes that the health of the community is vitally important too.  Larger community issues such as providing clean drinking water, conveying and treating sewage, managing stormwater runoff, addressing the urban heat island effect, and promoting clean air all have impacts to our collective community health.

Our projects ensure that: 

  • building occupants receive clean water to drink
  • waste and sewage is conveyed properly to be treated
  • the rivers and water bodies we swim and recreate in stay healthy through Low Impact Development (LID) strategies in managing stormwater runoff
  • our communities are better adapted to withstand extreme heat through shade, vegetation, light-colored hardscapes, and thoughtful site orientation
  • clean air for us to breathe is maintained through the promotion of walkable and bikable neighborhoods that enable us to get around to places without burning fossil-fuels.


Ecological Health

Cunningham Engineering realizes that ultimately, the long-term health of individuals and communities depend upon a healthy natural environment and functioning ecosystems.  Without ecological health, it would be hard to maintain human health.  We strive to create built environments that are restorative to people and gentle on the environment.  We believe that environmental sustainability is definitely good for our health!