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K-12 Did You Know?

Did you know that since Propositions 55 and 1D were approved in 2004, $17.3 billion of the total $22.7 billion in General Obligation Bonds has been earmarked for K-12 facilities?  According to a report prepared by the Office of Public School Construction (OPSC), as of December 2007, $9.35 billion has been apportioned to various new construction and modernization projects for joint-use, charter schools, high performing high schools, and relief of overcrowding.

As a direct result of the bond funding, Cunningham Engineering has had the opportunity to collaborate with several Districts and design teams to improve local primary education facilities and create new learning spaces for the youth of Yolo and Sacramento Counties.

See which school districts have received funding and download the “Yearly Report on the State General Obligation Bond Measure for the School Facility Program” here.