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Come Celebrate UC Davis!

Please make sure to stop by Cunningham Engineering’s interactive rain garden exhibit to learn more about sustainable design techniques.

Our booth will be at the corner of 3rd & C Streets in Davis from 12-4 PM on Sunday, October 12, 2008. During the event a "green team" will review display booths for green design and material use in order to present qualifying exhibitors with Green Ribbon Recognition Awards.

The event is a birthday party for UC Davis thrown by the Davis Chamber of Commerce and City of Davis to honor their century–long relationships with the campus. The Downtown Davis event will feature the following:   

  • Live Music on 4 Stages
  • Beer & Wine Garden
  • Alternative Energy Vehicle Expo
  • Interactive Kid's Area
  • Fashion Show
  • California Bike Museum
  • Centennial Birthday Cake Ceremony (with 100 cakes!)
  • UC Davis Innovation Displays
  • Local Food Vendors, Civic Organizations, and Business Exhibits
  • Valet Bike Parking
  • ZERO WASTE Event Guidelines

Over the years, Cunningham Engineering has had the pleasure of collaborating with UC Davis and is proud to be a sponsor of its centennial celebration. It is our sincere hope that the sustainable efforts of the University, City, and exhibitors will serve as an effective vehicle to promote
social responsibility and the importance of minimizing our environmental impact.

Check some of Cunningham’s work with UC Davis and learn more about our efforts to promote sustainability.