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April Showers Bring May Flowers!


The fresh smell of rain is in the air and spring is officially here!  Even though rain may make the air smell fresh, did you know that rainwater itself is incredibly dirty?  Littered with pollutants, dust, and you know what from our flying friends, rainwater drains directly into our storm drain system and can cause serious water quality issues. 

So what can you do you help?  Build a rain garden!

By redirecting a down-spout to send polluted rainwater into designed, depressed planter beds, rain gardens are an inexpensive, eco-friendly way to naturally filter water through the landscape.  As a result, the water that reaches our drainage system is up to 80% cleaner!

  • Earn LEED points!
  • Improve the aesthetics of your property while increasing its value and helping the environment.
  • Save on irrigation costs by taking advantage of California's climate and using the Mediterranean plant palette that’s ideal for planting a rain garden.  
  • Reduce the impact on our storm drain system and the cost of public infrastructure.

Whether you’re planning for new construction or specing out a renovation, Cunningham Engineering has the experience and expertise to design rain gardens and other sustainable treatments for a wide variety of facilities.  Check out some examples!
Want to learn more about how rain gardens can benefit your next project?  Contact us at (916) 455-2026 or info@cecwest.com.  We’re here to help!