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Cunningham Engineering Receives Prestigious CASQA Award!



The California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) has awarded Colonia San Martin with its 2009 “Outstanding Sustainable Stormwater Project” Award.  Colonia San Martin exemplifies how an innovative, collaborative process can protect the environment, serve the community and save money.  This beautiful “green” project serves as an exemplary model for sustainable infill development in the region and the state.


The Goal

In order to reduce and treat the runoff from this dense redevelopment project, Cunningham involved the entire team in designing an integrated stormwater solution.  Our goal was to design a stormwater system that managed and treated runoff in a natural and sustainable way, while providing amenities for the residents and the larger community without breaking the bank.

The Game Plan

With early site planning, Cunningham was able to implement Low Impact Development (LID) techniques that exceeded local agency stormwater quality regulations.  Cunningham designed a comprehensive stormwater solution and created an efficient and “green” site design.  Use of bioswales, disconnected down-spouts and vegetated treatment techniques were also implemented.

The Results

  • Impervious area reduced from 95% to 68%
  • Area with runoff treated in landscaping and bioswales: 97%
  • Directly connected impervious area (DCIA) reduced from 95% to 3%.
  • Site runoff (10-year estimate) reduced from 4.8 cubic feet per second to 1.8 – a runoff reduction of 62.5%!
  • Lower construction costs for developer

The project was developed by Mercy Housing California in partnership with the AIDS Housing Alliance.  The general contractor was Sunseri Construction, and the project architect was Mogavero-Notestine Associates.

Team with Us
With expertise in LID techniques for both civil engineering and landscape architecture, Cunningham offers the unique advantage of in-house coordination, planning and design of LID systems that meet today’s stormwater quality standards, engineering requirements and landscape aesthetic expectations.

Want to learn more?  Contact us today to schedule an "LID Information Session" for your team at info@cecwest.com.