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Cunningham Receives National Recognition as Pervious Pavement Experts


Do you love Science Friday?  We do!  Did you know that Cunningham's Cheryl Sullivan was recently featured on the show?  Science Friday Host, Ira Flatow interviewed Cheryl about  the pros and cons of Pervious Pavement.

Science Friday, a weekly science talk show broadcast live to over 1.3 million National Public Radio listeners, contacted Cheryl after Ira heard her speak at the UC Davis Global Climate Change and Your Backyard Conference.  As an expert in landscape architecture & sustainable design practices, Cheryl was the natural choice to discuss pervious pavement and its uses around the country.



"400 inches of water can pass through it in an hour, it doesn't clog.  As my grandma used to say... It's the best thing since sliced bread!"

                               - Cheryl Sullivan, LEED AP BD+C


To hear this exciting Science Friday episode, download the audio file here 

To see how sustainable design elements can be incorporated into actual projects, check out some of our work.  For more information on sustainable design and stormwater quality, check out our "LID Info Session" Preview or Pervious Concrete Basics.


With Cheryl, along with many other talented professionals, Cunningham is poised to continue and grow as a national leader in our industry and the community for many years.  To all our employees who contribute to our success, thank you.... 


                                                          …. We’re on a roll!!!