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Cunningham Landscape Team Tours Nursery

Where was Cunningham’s landscape team last Friday?

Touring Frantz Wholesale Nursery in Hickman, California.

Why Tour a Nursery?

·  We love being outside;

·  We play hooky from the office;

·  We enjoy team building;

·  We stay current with new plant varieties;

·  Most importantly, it helps us deliver the best possible projects to our clients.

Tell Us More

Because plant choices and combinations are endless, landscape architects can get creative with planting design to bring unique character to any project.  When working with living materials, many factors must be considered to ensure a design is a long-term success.  Maintaining relationships with our local nurseries and making periodic visits to their growing sites helps our team understand exactly which species are available, so that contractors won’t need to make last-minute substitutions. Seeing the plants in person allows us to visualize the plants at different container sizes, so we can make the best decisions when it comes to balancing project costs and immediate visual impacts.

Too Big, Too Small, Just Right

This hands-on knowledge informs all of our designs.  For clients who want to make planting a primary focus, we are happy to take things a step further.  One of the services we provide is visiting the nursery to hand select and tag trees and plants for a specific project. This allows us to choose the finest specimens and ensures that everything on the plant list will be ready when planting day rolls around. We love bringing our clients along with us, and we hope that you will join us out at the nursery for your next project.