City of Sacramento - E.A. Fairbairn Water Treatment Plant

Location:  Sacramento, CA
Date Completed:  2006
Services Provided:  Landscape Architecture
Owner:  City of Sacramento Utility Dept 
Engineer:  Carollo Engineers   

Key Contributions:  enhanced entry landscape | water conserving plant palette | special infiltration basin landscape treatment

Details:  water treatment plant facility expansion | entry area design | parking drainage

This highly visible, City of Sacramento municipal water facility is located next to Sacramento State University and the Sacramento River, and is easily seen from Interstate 50.  As part of the plant facility expansion, the old, water intensive landscape was eliminated and replaced with water conserving plants with low levels of plant litter. 

The entry corner includes signage and refined landscape image.  The entry gate area highlights and incorporates three large sycamores into a dry creek infiltration area that captures parking lot stormwater runoff.